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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Here at Dartford Excelsior we are passionate about helping students reach their full potentials.

We understand the challenges teachers and parents face. We aim to make the learning, revising and exam preparation process as pain-free as possible with high-quality tuition supported by specially-designed resources and engaging video content to ensure the delivery of impactful sessions.

Step by step, concept by concept, exam by exam, we give students the tools to build their confidence and to master the syllabus.

Why choose Dartford Excelsior?

Commitment to Quality

We aim to deliver superior tuition services that respond to the particular needs and goals of our students. Offering Virtual, Online and Face-to-Face options, we ensure that we are connected with young people in the ways that best resonate with them, so that they are see the progress they want.

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Not only are our tutors extremely knowledgeable and experienced, but they also employ our unique teaching methodology that combines seamlessly combines knowledge acquisition, knowledge application and mastery of exam technique to empower student to tackle increasing challenging concepts.

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Entrance Exams

The importance of securing a place at a good grammar or private school cannot be underestimated. Over the last 15 years we have developed an expertise in preparing students for competitive 11+, 13+ and 16+ exams, ensuring that they have a solid grasp of the syllabus and have the resilience to needed to perform on exam day.

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What people are saying about Dartford Excelsior

We have had an 11+ DE tutor for a few months now and she’s fantastic! We have had some bad experiences with tutors so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. She’s organised, patient, thorough and she’s not afraid to tell us when our son’s slacking on his work. DE tutors are not the cheapest, but I guess you get what you pay for. I definitely recommend them.

Esther J, parent

Our DE tutor is brilliant. The first hour lesson was just enough to see how experienced and organised she is. I can see such a big difference in my son, who was almost lost at how he could keep trying to get better at his English writing. He is getting back his confidence at English lessons at school and very excited at learning more from her about technique and writing skills for which he needs to prepare.

Leah I, parent

She’s knowledgeable and reliable. My daughter loves lessons with her and is learning. Definitely would recommend to others.

Carissa B, parent

Our DE tutor is fantastic she really understands my daughter who is dyslexic and dyscalculate and has given her lots of confidence in her math.

Fiona F, parent

My daughter absolutely loves her sessions with her DE tutor and looks forward to it each week. Our tutor is approachable, friendly and always ready to answer question. I’m very impressed.


Sylvia G, parent

Excellent and very knowledgeable tutor

Eyob G, student

Great tutor- helped with some last minute physics revision, went from barely understanding the topic to able to understand and explain the concepts in the unit well. Came prepared with resources and images, was interactive with questions throughout, and was willing to explain things more than once to get me to understand. Thanks very much!

Yusr S, student