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British Curriculum, Global Outlook Welcome to Dartford Excelsior Academy, an academically selective independent online school revolutionising the way young people engage with their education Post-16 Academy Extension School

Director's Welcome

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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Director’s Welcome

Welcome to Dartford Excelsior Academy, an online school that is re-invigorating the delivery of high-quality home school education to young people around the world.

We are pushing the boundaries of education through our commitment to excellence combined with our commitment to internationalism. We aim to nurture young people that both understand the world and wish to shape it. Read More

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How to Build Your Child’s Academic Resilience

What is academic resilience? What impact does it have on a student’s attainment and how can parents and educators begin nurturing it in young people? In this session of TUTOR | tutor mother-daughter teaching duo Apeike and Janet Umolu will discuss the …

Supporting parents with home schooling for maths

All our home school parents become part of our amazing online Parents’ Academy where we provide support and guidance for supporting your child with all areas of home schooling, including their maths program.  Through videos, seminars and Q&A sessions parents …

How we teach Maths at the Academy

Here are the Academy, maths is a core subject in our home schooling curriculum and is compulsory for all students up to GCSE. We also offer maths as an A-Level subject. Mathematical thinking is an essential life skill. It is …


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Our Approach

A British foundation, an international outlook

Dartford Excelsior Academy is truly an international school. Our deep commitment to internationalism means we aim to nurture young people that are truly global citizens, with a deep understanding and appreciation of themselves, the world around them, and the peoples within it.

Expert Tuition

Committed and Attentive

Students have a high number of contact hours with tutors. They benefit from comprehensive and individual feedback on their work while having the opportunity to share their ideas and learn from others. All of these help to provide the perfect environment for receiving an outstanding education.


We welcome applications from students from all backgrounds and based all over the world. We accept students for direct entry into years 7 – 11.

We understand that choosing the right school for your child is a very important decision. We aim to make our admissions process as smooth and easily navigable as possible, allowing you to get as much information as possible about the school and as much support as possible with the application. Read More

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What people are saying about The Academy

It definitely took a long time to find the right school for our daughter. As a diplomat travelling around the world, moving countries every two years, I could see the impact the dislocation was having on her. Finding Dartford Excelsior was a godsend. The stability, the genuine care and connection impressed me.

Eloise P, parent

A great school. The online school the football academy uses is just not up to scratch, Joe is a gifted footballer but he is also very smart and we didn’t want him to lose out – [Dartford Excelsior] is definitely no walk in the park for the kids in terms of work.

Anthony S, parent

Very impressed…I actually forget its online because my tutors are so involved in what I am doing. It’s strange because when I was in actual school, I could avoid them but I feel like my tutors now are so involved in my education and I actually want then there.

Stuart P, student

Needed to have home schooling because of a play and then a film I was doing. Before, my school used to give me work but because I was going to be out for most of the year, they said it would be better to sign up to an online school and recommended Dartford Excelsior. It’s been a great year and my parents are saying I will stick with it as the education is basically like a private school not a comprehensive which is what I would have to go back to.

Onagi A, student

Recommending a child for home schooling is never an easy thing but after meeting the Dartford Excelsior team we felt comfortable that they would be a great addition to our pupil management efforts. Their support has allowed us to provide sustainable alternative education to students finding it difficult to engage with education.

Elizabeth H, Head Teacher

Great tutors and great resources. My son says everything is very organised and he is learning a lot so enrolment for next year is a given!

Dave P, parent


A full-service online school re-invigorating the delivery of high-quality education to people around the world.

Step by step, concept by concept, exam by exam, we give students the tools to build their confidence and to master the syllabus.

Steeped in a solid British academic tradition, we are pushing the boundaries of education through our commitment to excellence combined with our championing of compassion in teaching.