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GCSE English Language

Dive into new worlds, hone your reading, master your writing Gain a qualification in English Language that will help to open up the doors of your academic or professional career. You will gain the skills and confidence to critically evaluate ideas while learning how to develop and communicate your own.

Immerse yourself in powerful writing…


Learn to read fluently and actively, mastering new vocabulary and gaining exposure to advanced grammatical forms


Learn to critically analyse a wide range of texts, identifying themes, ideas and information


Dive into the mind of a professional writer and evaluate how they use language and structure to produce powerful literature

Master writing creatively and powerfully…

Learn to write coherently, accurately and confidently, expressing your ideas powerfully and bringing your imagination to life

Learn to use advanced vocabulary and grammatical structures, increasing the sophistication of your written communication

Learn to write for different purposes and audiences, adapting your style to convey your ideas most effectively

GCSE English Language


Course Outline

9-18 Months | 8 Modules | 10 Tutor-Marked Assignments

English Language Reading

(3 Modules)

In the Reading modules, students learn how to read critically, deciphering texts for information, themes, language techniques and structure features. The modules are taught alongside the English Language Skills module, which introduces students to key English language concepts, including figurative and rhetorical devices. The modules are progressive, meaning that as students advance through them, they will meet more complex assignments, hone their skills and build their resilience.


English Language Writing

(3 Modules)

In the Writing modules, students are taken back to first principles to understand the elements of powerful descriptive and informative writing. The modules are taught alongside the English Language Skills module, which introduces students to key English language concepts, including figurative and rhetorical devices. As students work their way through, they will gain confidence in their written communication skills, learning to deploy powerful vocabulary and grammar.


English Language Skills

This module is taught alongside the Reading and Writing modules. Students are introduced to a range of language, structure and rhetorical devices, giving them the technical vocabulary and skills needed to identify and critically evaluate the use of these devices in the Reading paper, and to effectively deploy them in the Writing paper.


English Language Exam Skills

More than just a repository of past papers, this module includes model answers and exemplar scripts. This is also where our library of exam technique videos and articles are housed, giving students an insight into the minds of examiners. This module provides great support to the rest of the programme, building students’ resilience and focus ahead of the exams.

Dartford Excelsior

We are a dynamic and committed community of students and tutors distinguished by our depth of knowledge about how people engage with their education.

Drawing on almost 30 years of the experience of our tutors, we know the importance of putting students at the centre of their own academic journeys. We take the time to understand what our students need from their education, and work hand in hand with them to bring their vision to reality. By studying with us, you will be entering a supportive environment committed to giving you the support you need to fulfil your education goals.

Tutor Support

Our Post-16 Academy tutors are chosen specifically because of their experience in, and passion for, working with students that need to access education in a more flexible way.

We understand that few people take the decision to study while working, raising a family, or undertaking other training lightly. Whether a student is re-sitting exams they have previously sat, or studying a subject for the first time, our tutors are there to guide them through their studies. Our tutors’ primary goal is to build confidence and resilience in students, allowing them to face their academic challenged head-on.

Study GCSE English Language the right way

We teach English in a holistic way, equipping students not just to pass the exam but to have the skills to engage with the world around them more effectively

We emphasise the importance of mastering spelling and grammar with integrated vocabulary study and model answers, which introduce students to more complex grammar forms

We work to empower students, building their confidence and resilience through assignments designed to compound and stretch their knowledge

Online Study

Our flexible online courses allow students to study at times that suit them, giving people the ability to work or raise a family while studying

Expert Tuition

Our lessons have been designed by experienced tutors and online and distance course design specialists to ensure they are engaging, critical and informative

Video Lectures

We make full use of the audio-visual resources that online study offers, integrating video and audio into our programmes to enhance the learning experience


Our courses have been designed in line with exam board specifications which, together with our exam skills resources, aim to put students in the best positions possible for the exam

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