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Helping Students Re-Skill, Up-Skill and Excel Welcome to Dartford Excelsior Post-16 Academy, an online school helping people prepare for national exams whether to excel professionally or as a first step to university Extension School The Academy

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English Language
English Literature (coming soon)
Maths (coming soon)
Biology (coming soon)
Chemistry (coming soon)
Physics (coming soon)


English Literature (coming soon)

Maths (coming soon)

Biology (coming soon)

Chemistry (coming soon)

Physics (coming soon)

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An Innovative Online College

Founded in 2018, Dartford Excelsior is one of the fastest-growing online schools in the UK. Studying with us is a chance to take a step into education with the support of an innovative and student-centred college. Our courses have been …


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Excellent Tuition

Flexible and comprehensive learning

We help students develop sustainable systems of learning through which they organically compound their knowledge and master the syllabus. This is achieved using a combination of video lectures, drill and exam-style questions, recap tutorials, tutor-marked assignments and tutor support.

Excellent Support

Guiding you towards success

We understand that few people take the decision to study while working, raising a family, or undertaking other training lightly. Whether a student is re-sitting exams they have previously sat, or studying a subject for the first time, our tutors are there to guide them through their studies.

What people are saying about the Post-16 Academy

I was genuinely worried about studying again but the step by step approach has been wonderful. To know that nothing is rushed, nothing is missed out, every problem will have a solution, that’s been wonderful

Henry P, London

A great GCSE Maths course wonderfully designed and set at a good pace. Being based overseas I knew I had to study online. The Post-16 Academy is really set up for online learning and flexible learning. It’s been the perfect fit.

Angela E, Paris

I wasn’t able to get onto a nursing course at university because of my GCSE English grade so I needed a course to prepare me for the exam. I wanted to start from the beginning because I really didn’t understand much the first time I studied at school. The Post-16 Academy course was just fantastic; I learnt a lot more than I did at school and went into the exam really confident.

Sophie J, London

A thorough and well-designed course. The Post-16 Academy was the second provider I tried – the first one was not as helpful as I needed so I was apprehensive but more than pleasantly surprised with Dartford Excelsior. Well worth the second try. Passed first time and hadn’t studied Maths in over 20 years before starting this course.

Carl S, Liverpool

I joined the Post-16 Academy after not passing my Maths and English GCSEs first time round because I was in a really difficult school. My Dartford Excelsior tutor has been great at re-building my confidence not just in the subjects but also in myself. I would really recommend anyone who is even thinking about re-taking to take the plunge and sign up for the Post-16 Academy.

Amar P, Leicester

A great course, didn’t expect it would cover so much, goes above and beyond the syllabus in English to actually made me a better writer and reader! I read so differently now!

Tamsin J, Abu Dhabi


A full-service online school re-invigorating the delivery of high-quality education to people around the world.

Step by step, concept by concept, exam by exam, we give students the tools to build their confidence and to master the syllabus.

Steeped in a solid British academic tradition, we are pushing the boundaries of education through our commitment to excellence combined with our championing of compassion in teaching.