Term Commitment Policy

We operate a Term Commitment Policy. The essence of the Term Commitment Policy is that clients and students are commitment to the private tuition process allowing students to grow and tutors to be able to deliver the best service.

Under the Policy, both client and tutor commit to having lessons on a weekly basis for the duration of the remaining school term, to be automatically renewed at the beginning of each subsequent term until the lessons are cancelled by either the client or the School. This allows us to reserve time slots and tutors for clients, giving students consistency and allowing them to build strong working relationships with their tutors.

Our term dates follow the term dates of Kent County Council published on their website, as revised from time to time.

Student Absence

We understand that students may be unable to attend a lesson on a given week whether because of illness or prior family or social commitments. The lesson will still be charged and work will be sent to the student to be completed and returned to the tutor electronically before the next lesson to ensure that students do not fall behind. Please give us as much notice as possible, preferably 24 hours if a child will not be able to attend the live lesson so we can prepare the work to be sent.

Student Cancellation

To avoid a charge, parents can cancel a lesson by giving 48 hours notice before the lesson time. The lesson will not be charged but we will be unable to reserve your slot – the next student on our waiting list will be assigned to the slot. Parents will need to enquire the following week for availability, but it is highly unlikely that the same tutor or time slot will be available and clients will be placed on a waiting list until another time slot becomes available.

Any cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will still be charged.

Tutor Absence

Very rarely your tutor may be unable to attend a lesson. You will not be charged for this lesson. We will however ensure that work is sent to the student to ensure that they do not fall behind.


We understand that students want (and sometimes need) a break during half terms so these are not considered part of our term. Slots will be reserved, but not charged, during half terms and teaching will re-commence in the first week of the next term. Should you wish to continue tuition during half terms, our tutors are usually happy to do so – please just give them one or two weeks notice.

Christmas Break

Our tutors do not ordinarily work in the last two weeks of December, however, should you require tuition during this period please let us know and we will be happy to check which tutors are available. Our tutors are charged out at 1.5 times their normal rate during this period.

Summer Break

We cannot reserve slots over the summer. Parents looking to stop tuition over the summer and re-start in the new school year should contact the School in mid-August with their preferred times and tutor. Slots will be confirmed in the first week of September. Classes re-commence in the second week of September.

Please note that a slot may have been filled over summer therefore we cannot guarantee that clients will receive the same slot and we cannot guarantee that a particular tutor will have available slots. We will try our best to ensure that returning students get the tutors they want. Where we are not able to do this we will place students on a waiting list or recommend a replacement tutor.