Stage 2

11+ Prep Course

Thank you for choosing Dartford Excelsior to support your child in their preparation for the 11+ Exams.

Working primarily with exam-style questions and full-length exam papers, we build on the knowledge attained in Stage 1. Students will become well-versed in different question types and begin to learn advanced exam techniques. More complex topics will be introduced, stretching students to develop their intellectual resilience.

Weekly tuition

In order to stay on track, we recommended our 2-hours a week Foundation Tuition Programme. If you have opted to have more or fewer hours of tuition each week, please confirm with your private tutor how this will affect your child’s progress.

Please note that if you believe your child has the potential to contest a scholarship place, they will need to remain on track between now and the exam.


We also recommend that your child completes the Core Mathematic Skills Masterclasses and Core English Skills Masterclasses  before the end of Stage 2 – please speak with your private tutor for more information.


Please click on the links below to purchase the relevant books –  please ask your private tutor to confirm which part of Stage 2 your child will be starting at and purchase the books appropriate to that level.

Stage 2.1

Stage 2.2

Stage 2.3