Contracting Party or you means any Student aged 18 and over on the date of entry into this agreement or, in the case of Students aged below 18, an adult who has accepted responsibility for the Student’s participation at the School.

Student means the person due to receive our services, which in the case of a Student aged 18 and over is also the Contracting Party. 

School or us or we mean Excelsior Education Limited trading as Dartford Excelsior as now or in the future constituted. Any reference to Dartford Excelsior shall mean a reference to Excelsior Education Limited.

Single-Purchase Course is a course, access to which is paid in one lump sum.

Rolling Course is a course, access to which is paid on a rolling monthly basis.

Programme or Private Tuition, is any private tuition service charged on an hourly basis. 

Services means any Course, Programme or Private Tuition supplied by us to the Student or Contracting Party.

2)    INTRODUCTION         

This agreement is legally binding between Excelsior Education Limited and the Contracting Party. 

This agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the contractual relationship between the both of us in relation to the educational Services delivered to the Student.

You enter into this agreement when you completed and we confirmed the Student’s registration for one of our Services. You will enter into this agreement even if the Student’s fees are paid by a third party. 


We aim to provide our Services in line with the course descriptions on our website, as amended from time to time. However, the School may make changes from time to time to improve the course or to accommodate fluctuations in staff or student numbers and availability.

We are committed to the delivery of high-quality tuition, however, we make no guarantee as to a Student’s ability to comprehend the content of Services, their willingness to engage with our Services, their ability to perform to any particular standard at school or in exams, or to achieve any particular results with us, in another educational establishment or in third-party exams.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the Student is following the right course of study and pursuing the right qualifications in relation to their future academic and career plans.

You are responsible for locating and registering with the necessary examination centres in respect of any third-party examinations the Student wishes to sit. 

You agree to ensure that the Student conducts themselves in a courteous and appropriate manner is all interactions with the School, its staff and other Students. 

In order to be able to receive our Services you should maintain access to a good computer and internet connection. By accessing our website and completing a purchase through us online or over the phone, we take it that you have the necessary technology to access our Services. By purchasing a Service from us you confirm that you have everything in place to complete the course of study. 

If we face any service interruptions, we will endeavour to rectify the situation and rearrange, replace or extend access to our Services to compensate for this.

The School reserves the right to cancel, suspend or amalgamate the provision of any Service and will notify you of any such event. The School will refund any money paid but not utilised and offer the transfer onto another Service if possible. 

The School’s liability when it cancels a Service is limited to the refund of unutilised fees for the cancelled Service. For the partial cancellation of a course, such refunds will be made pro rata.  


For all Single-Purchase Courses, there is a no refund policy. Once the Course is purchased, students will have access for the access duration of the Course. 

For all Rolling Courses, as these are purchased on a rolling monthly basis, you may cancel your subscription before your next payment date by cancelling it from your online account dashboard and sending an email to info@dartfordexcelsior.com. You will retain access to course materials and services until your next payment date. There will be no refund of any fees already paid including any registration fees.

For all Programmes and Private Tuition, you may cancel at any time, however, if you have a lesson scheduled within 48 hours of your cancellation, you will be charged for that lesson. 

The School reserves the right to cease provision of any Service on any grounds including but not limited to disciplinary concerns and lack of engagement. Any amounts paid but not utilised will be refunded to you. 


The agreement ends on the earlier of the Service end date, cancellation of this agreement in compliance with its terms or 90 days after a Student last accesses a Service. 

6)    FEES

Fees for our services are as set out on our website. It is your responsibility to ensure that all fees are paid by the deadline notified. This is your responsibility even if the fees are being paid by a third party. 

If you have purchased a Rolling Course, a Programme or Private Tuition service, your fees will remain the same until you terminate your agreement unless we increase our fees – we will always give you at least 30 days’ notice giving you a chance to terminate your contract before the new fee comes into effect. 

In the event of non-payment of fees, access to our Services will be suspended until payment is made. We reserve the right not to re-instate our Services to you following the non-payment of fees. 

All Rolling Courses have a non-refundable £100 registration fee.


The School may assign its rights and liabilities to a third party. You may not transfer your rights and responsibilities to a third party and no person other than the Student may receive the Services. 


The School is not liable to you or the Student for any loss caused to you or the Student under this agreement with you which results from events which are beyond the School’s reasonable control such as industrial action, acts of god, acts of terrorism, the unanticipated departures or absence of members of staff or failure by a third party supplier or subcontractor. In such circumstances the School will take reasonable steps to mitigate the impact on you and the Student and to restore usual teaching and services. 


The laws of the England and Wales apply to this agreement and the courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction over it.