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Welcome to Dartford Excelsior

Welcome to Dartford Excelsior, a dynamic and committed community of students and tutors which comprises our Extension School that supports students in mainstream education to reach their full academic potentials, The Academy, a home school that supports students learning outside of the conventional schooling system and our Post-16 Academy supporting young people and adults re-accessing, up-skilling or re-skilling their education.

The UK’s premier online school specialising in the support of young people and adults looking to excel at Key Stages 2 to 4

Director’s Message

Welcome to Dartford Excelsior, on online school that is revolutionising the way people access and engage with their education.

We have a diverse range of students enrolled with us spanning all age groups from year 4 students to adults. Our students are also spread all over the world from the UK, to continental Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. We truly are an international school and we are growing and we hope that you will be part of our story.

It is an exciting time for education as governments and educational institutions alike are having to re-think the way students access education and engage with their teachers. There is a drive to further remove barriers to entry at all levels of education and we here at Dartford Excelsior are eager to be at the forefront of these conversations.

Dartford Excelsior is distinguished by the depth of knowledge we have about how people engage with their education. As a collection of teachers, private tutors and online course design specialists, we are uniquely placed to understand what drives academic attainment.

Drawing on almost 30 years of the experience of our tutors, we have developed the DE Method of tuition, which has at its core a commitment to excellence and a compassionate approach to teaching.

Students enrolled on any of our courses or private tuition programmes will feel the DE Method infused into every aspect of their learning.

The principle features of the DE Method are:

  • a commitment to excellence and a commitment to the active nurturing of excellence in our students;
  • the prioritisation of the building of confidence and the nurturing of academic resilience in our students;
  • the employment of a ‘first principles’ approach to knowledge acquisition that empowers students to develop a robust understanding of the syllabus;
  • the implementation of a collaborative feedback loop through which knowledge is organically compounded and retained.

At the heart of our methodology is a love of learning. All of our tutors have it, all of our tuition aims to nurture it.

I am delighted that you are considering studying with us or enrolling your child into one of our Schools. Please continue to explore the website and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop us on email at info@dartfordexcelsior.com.

Apeike Umolu

Director of Studies

About our Director

Apeike Umolu is an educator and lawyer with over 15 years of experience supporting students in the attainment of academic excellence.

As the founder and CEO of Dartford Excelsior, a private tuition and online education company, she has worked with students all over the world to develop sustainable and fulfilling relationships with their education.

Prior to dedicating her time to education, Apeike trained as a banking and finance lawyer in the City of London. Working for some of the world’s leading investors and financial institutions, she specialised in the financing of infrastructure projects in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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